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Military Pension Division.

Your military retirement is possibly the largest asset of your marriage. This, coupled with the recent changes in law concerning the division of military pensions, has made the proper division of benefits which complies with both State and Federal law, very complex.

Issues to be considered:

  • The actual division of the pension, proper calculation and division of any TSP assets
  • Proper consideration of the survivor benefit plan beneficiaries
  • Consideration of future possible lump sum payment benefits.
  • You should also be concerned about how any disability rating will affect the division of the pension benefits

Why QDRO Masters.

QDROMasters is a lawyer run pension division service.  Our offices have specialized in drafting of pension division orders for over 30 years.  We have the experience and the expertise to ensure your pension division order is completed accurately and timely taking into account your specific life situations.  We are not a form mill.  Every order is drafted from scratch based on the information provided by you including a complete review of your divorce judgment or other orders.  Don’t leave your most valuable asset to the hands of form peddlers; contact QDROMasters for your pension division needs.

QDROMasters will review all of your documents including any relevant orders or stipulations and draft your military retirement benefit division order accurately and provide you with all of the required forms and letters to properly submit your order.  Our services are guaranteed to be accepted by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) or we will make any of the required changes to the order for re-submission.  Our flat fee of $850 per order is extremely competitive among lawyer reviewed services.  Contact us with any further questions or concerns.

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