Millions of Americans are covered by some type or form of pension/retirement plan. These retirement benefits are usually the most valuable asset accrued during a marriage. For this reason, whether and how to divide a pension plan in a divorce is critical.


This division can also be exceedingly complex. That is where QDRO Masters comes in. We specialize in the preparation and review of domestic relations orders (DROs). We also provide expert work via oral testimony, opinion letters, and general consultations for military retirement benefits, ERISA-based plans, FERS, CSRS, and Nevada PERS.

Most litigants, and attorneys for that matter, find the drafting of DROs to be a demanding and time-consuming process because of the strict requirements each pension plan imposes. Issues such as survivor benefits, cost of living adjustments, and early retirement subsidies, etc., can be intricate, and it is very easy for someone who does not deal with such matters on a consistent basis, to miss the details, or simply get them wrong. Unfortunately, even a small mistake can have disastrous financial consequences for the parties, costing them thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars.

QDRO Masters has the experience, dedication, and commitment to successfully negotiate the pitfalls of the DRO world at a reasonable price. For more information on our pricing, see the link on our home page entitled Price List. For further information on the intricacies of pension plan divisions, or to satisfy your own curiosity, see Willick Law Group/QDRO Retirement Orders.