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The entire system was altered for incoming employees in a “new” system (“Federal Employees’ Retirement System,” or “FERS”), for also created a defined contribution retirement account called the “Thrift Savings Plan” (“TSP”). In 2001, the defined benefit program was also made available to those in the armed forces. An order dividing Civil Service retirement benefits is required by regulation to be titled “COAP,” and an order dividing a TSP account is a “RBCO.”

The rules associated with the division of either a CSRS or FERS pension are rather draconian. Missed deadlines result in missed opportunities to get a fair share of the pension. There is no way to recover from a missed benefit if a COAP has been submitted and the participant retires. You just don’t get what you should have received.

The Attorney’s and staff at QDRO Masters have been writing COAP’s for over two decades. We have the experience and skill to avoid the pitfalls associated with drafting federal orders. If you are needing a COAP drafted, no matter if it is for a CSRS or a FERS pension, let the professionals at QDRO Masters make sure it is done correctly.

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