Pension Division Professionals

Getting Divorced? Have a Pension?

Most people do not realize that the pension is often the most valuable asset in a marriage. It is also one of the hardest assets to properly identify, value, and distribute upon divorce. The slightest errors in the language of a domestic relations order (DRO), or in the procedure or timing of each step, can cost one or both parties tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost benefits. Let QDRO Masters put your mind at ease. We’ve been dealing with the division of complex pensions for over 25 years.

“Not sure if your QDRO is correct? Do you need it reviewed to ensure it complies with your Decree of Divorce or Property Settlement Agreement?”

We will review any existing or proposed QDRO/COAP/or Military Order and provide either a telephonic or email review of the document for $100

Price List and Available Services

Any drafting job for a QDRO (or military division, civil service COAP, or PERS QDRO) – $900

Further work, including Affidavits, Declarations, time speaking to clients or their attorneys, or opposing client/counsel – $400/hour

Opinion letters without a drafting job – at the normal hourly rate of the attorney doing the letter – $325 – $650/hour

Opinion letter attached to a drafting job – $400/hour

Expert work, including testimony – $650/hour



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